New York

In Fall 2023 $317,754,230 of incentives became available to New Yorkers for home energy rebates & tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act. These benefits can be stacked with New York’s state incentives to pay for most or sometimes ALL of your energy efficiency upgrades!

A few free or cheap things you can do right now to reduce your energy consumption!

  1. Start by booking a FREE energy assessment: Have a pro come to your home to help you decide how best to use the money from state AND federal incentives.
  2. Can I please just talk to someone who will explain this to me? Yes! They’re nice too!
  3. Wait. This still seems too expensive for me.
  4. I’m a renter. What can I do? Also, check this page out.
  5. Community SolarGet access to renewable energy without touching your roof!
  6. See a full breakdown of the available state AND federal energy incentives.