About The Energy Detectives

The Energy Detectives is an innovative picture book free to elementary teachers and all their students to take home. It is initially being released in Massachusetts, then other states in the Northeast, and eventually across the United States.

The book is the brainchild of Harold Grinspoon, a Massachusetts-based real estate entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist, who joined The Giving Pledge founded by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

Seeing unnecessary energy waste in his company’s buildings inspired Harold to fund educational projects to make many more people aware of the issue and the simple ways it can be addressed.

One of these projects is the Cooler Communities school grant program, which connects classroom learning to climate solutions in MA communities. empowering teachers and students to be local change agents.  

Another is ener-G-save, a community outreach program that aims to connect historically underserved communities to clean heat and energy efficiency incentives.

The Energy Detectives is the latest addition to this family of projects. An entertaining and engaging new book that not only educates students in a playful way, it also comes with a standards aligned curriculum for teachers, as well as resources for families that will help them save energy and money.

As citizens, businesses, scientists, innovators, and governments work to turn off the tap of energy waste and lower energy costs, it’s important that young people learn about — and feel empowered to play a part in — this change.

Madelyn Rosenberg, the author of The Energy Detectives, is an award winning writer of children’s books on a wide range of topics. Paul Meisel’s quirky and loveable drawings have received awards and accolades, among others from the NYT book review. He is also an author. Both have previously worked together on “The Schmutzy Family”.

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