Efficiency Maine works to improve energy efficiency for residential, commercial and industrial participants, including residents living on lower incomes.

The Maine Housing Authority serves to address unaffordable and unsuitable housing including clean heat and weatherization

The Governor’s Energy Office of Maine works closely with both these agencies to ensure the distribution of energy efficient technologies in the most equitable ways.

Efficiency Maine offers a number of rebates and incentives to help you make the switch to a more energy efficient home or building. Learn more about these programs, including many tools and tips, by visiting here.

Schedule a home energy audit for your home or business to determine critical energy saving opportunities you can take with the help of incentives and financing.

Looking for assistance with clean heat and weatherization? Visit Maine State Housing Authority. You’ll find a number of assistance programs that highlight energy efficient and equitable housing for all.

Interested in reducing your fossil fuel use with solar energy? The state of Maine offers a number of incentives and rebates to help you make the switch. Check out  EnergySage for more information!