In Fall 2023 $58,555,080 in incentives became available to Vermont for home energy rebates & tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act. These benefits can be stacked with Vermont state incentives to pay for most or sometimes ALL of your energy efficiency upgrades!

Here are some free or cheap things you can do on your own to reduce your home energy consumption!

1. Start by scheduling a free virtual home energy assessment! A professional will video chat with you as you walk around your home to find all the places where energy (and money!) is being wasted.  You can also arrange to have them come in person to get more in-depth.

  • Can I please just talk to someone who can explain this to me?
      • Yep! Call “Efficiency Vermont”  8-5 M-F (888) 921-5990

2. Wait. This still seems too expensive for me.  Is there some extra financial assistance?

3. I’m a renter.  What can I do? Here is a cool guide for you.  Here are some freebies to get you on your way!

4. Solar info

  • Community solar:  Access to solar power without touching your roof!  You know those fields of solar panels you see sometimes?  Well, many of them are Community Solar projects that you can “subscribe” to for credits on your energy bill!  VT lacks a solid website that organizes them all, but a quick search of “(Your town) community solar” will get you on your way.

5. A list of available residential rebates