A few free or cheap things you can do right now to reduce your energy usage!

Now is a great time to upgrade the energy efficiency in your home to save on utility bills every month and lower your climate impact!  In summer 2024, $149 million from the Inflation Reduction Act will be available to Wisconsinites for home energy rebates. These benefits can be stacked with Wisconsin’s state incentives to pay for most, if not all of the cost of your upgrades.

Focus On Energy – Wisconsin’s main hub for people looking to lower their utility bills with money from state and federal incentives! 

  1. Free Energy Savings Packs! – A few simple free things to get you started!
  2. Online Home Energy AssessmentJust enter whatever information you know about your home and it will tell you how to best take advantage of the incentives.
  3. State funded Residential Rebates & Incentives – Again, the $149 million won’t be available until the summer, but they will stack on these state incentives.
  4. Trade Allies– List of approved contractors and service providers who will help you follow through on whatever your Home Energy Assessment recommends.
  5. I’m a renter.  Can I benefit at all? Yes, even without involving your landlord. If you do have a good relationship with them, you could benefit more by directing them to this page!
  6. I’d rather just talk to someone. We get it. Click where you live on the map and the phone # for an Energy Advisor will be shown.  
  7. Wait. This still seems too expensive for me.

Wisconsin-specific Inflation Reduction Act Info

Curious about solar and how much you could save on installation with incentives?

Solar for homes 

State solar incentives in brief*

*State incentive amounts change a lot based on funding and usage, so double check!  Remember, these are on top of the federal incentives, which are way higher!