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Press Release: A Free Book For Every Elementary Student in Massachusetts to Promote Climate Action

The Cooler Communities Program Offers Free Books and Free Standards-Based Curriculum to Help Elementary Schools Across the State Incorporate Sustainability Learning into the Classroom

December 11th, 2023

Agawam, MA – School Superintendents across Massachusetts recently received an offer of a free book for every Kindergarten through 4th grade student in their school. The book, titled The Energy Detectives: The Mystery of the Snow, is sponsored by the Cooler Communities Program at the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation. It is designed to teach children about energy efficiency and sustainability in a fun and engaging way. 

The books are offered to educators to use in their classroom and then gift to each student to take home and share with their families. “We believe that education is the key to creating a more sustainable future, and we hope that these books will inspire children and their families to learn more about energy efficiency and make sustainable choices in their communities” said Rachel Danford, Director of Educational Outreach at the Energy Detectives program. The program connects communities to local resources for energy efficiency and climate action through its website and events across the state.

Cooler communities is also offering free, standards-aligned curriculum to support the book. “The curriculum is designed to be flexible so it can be useful to educators in many different circumstances” said Uli Nagel, director of Cooler Communities, “We want to support educators in introducing climate learning to their students in the way that works for them, whether that’s by funding what they’re already doing or by providing free, high quality materials and trainings to make it easier for them to start.”

Cooler Communities has been supporting climate solutions learning in the classroom since 2019 with funding, materials, curriculum, and trainings. The Energy Detectives program is specifically designed to support elementary educators and is committed to promoting climate learning in the classroom and climate action in the community. For more information and to learn how to order free books for every student, please visit their website at

Media Contact: Rachel Danford,

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